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The point of this blog is to generate challenges to provide my life with adventure, personal growth, and to meet people in interesting ways. In order to do this, I need challenges. I expect it to take anywhere from a week to two months for me to complete my challenges, whether because I am preparing for some one-time event at the end of "training," because the opportunity to complete the challenge isn't a daily thing, or that is how long I need to do something.

To submit a challenge to me, reply to any post. While challenges can be as simple as "Do _____ while ______ing," but I would also appreciate more information, such as a suggestion of how long I have to complete my challenge, approximate costs if I have to buy all of the equipment involved, anything else that seems useful. After evaluating the entries, I will post about a few of them, and the ones with the best responses will be added to a poll to vote.

While I do reserve the privilege to decline challenges I do not see to be in line with the spirit of my adventure, I will give serious consideration to all submissions.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Challenge 4 Update

I presume my fourth challenge is going well.

I have not actually touched my radio project, but hopefully, that will simply be a matter of assembly.

The SNAP (homemade nerf gun) has made a significant progress in the respect of getting a barrel, since I found the local Ace Hardware, which had the desired brass tubing for the majority of the barrel. I intend to telescope, so I need to get the next size down from another local Ace. I still have to remeasure my plunger compression to correctly place the hole for my catch pin. My previous attempts were too far back. I also need to produce a handle and assemble the trigger mechanism.

The biggest disappointment could be my stovetop smoker. It would seem I did not look at enough of the plans I am modifying, as it did not totally occur to me I would be releasing a significant amount of smoke in my poorly ventilated apartment kitchen. I may have to be modifying my specifications to be a smoker that can be used without destroying a heating pad to make it. As far as construction goes, I have yet to cut the hole for the thermometer or mortar some of my pieces together. I also still need to get a cheap cast iron pan to use for smoldering the wood.

Where we go from here:

I still expect to finish my radio project and intend to get my SNAP assembled to the point where I only need to add the barrel. I still need to figure out how I will be mounting my brass tubing, since it is much smaller than the 1/4 inch threading of the adapter on the end of my pressure chamber. As for my smoker project, I am modifying the plan to be having the body of the apparatus finished, so I can focus on the other projects and still allow myself time for a long run on Saturday.

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