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The point of this blog is to generate challenges to provide my life with adventure, personal growth, and to meet people in interesting ways. In order to do this, I need challenges. I expect it to take anywhere from a week to two months for me to complete my challenges, whether because I am preparing for some one-time event at the end of "training," because the opportunity to complete the challenge isn't a daily thing, or that is how long I need to do something.

To submit a challenge to me, reply to any post. While challenges can be as simple as "Do _____ while ______ing," but I would also appreciate more information, such as a suggestion of how long I have to complete my challenge, approximate costs if I have to buy all of the equipment involved, anything else that seems useful. After evaluating the entries, I will post about a few of them, and the ones with the best responses will be added to a poll to vote.

While I do reserve the privilege to decline challenges I do not see to be in line with the spirit of my adventure, I will give serious consideration to all submissions.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hunting Season

It's hunting season opener this weekend. That reunion! (effectively any way) This year we are gathering the first weekend (which is fairly common) and some portion of the 12 of us who actually carry firearms will gather to see what game might be had  from the land. So looking forward to more venison, despite the fact that I still have part of a venison steak in my freezer...

Any way, it should be exciting. Six hour drive northwest tonight before my dad and I drive another 45min to an hour to reach the old farm in enough time to post up before dawn. I think that is officially around 7:45 at this time of year, if memory serves correctly.

I can't really force myself to see a deer. That's kinda up to them. So instead, lets go for kills to shots ratio.

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