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The point of this blog is to generate challenges to provide my life with adventure, personal growth, and to meet people in interesting ways. In order to do this, I need challenges. I expect it to take anywhere from a week to two months for me to complete my challenges, whether because I am preparing for some one-time event at the end of "training," because the opportunity to complete the challenge isn't a daily thing, or that is how long I need to do something.

To submit a challenge to me, reply to any post. While challenges can be as simple as "Do _____ while ______ing," but I would also appreciate more information, such as a suggestion of how long I have to complete my challenge, approximate costs if I have to buy all of the equipment involved, anything else that seems useful. After evaluating the entries, I will post about a few of them, and the ones with the best responses will be added to a poll to vote.

While I do reserve the privilege to decline challenges I do not see to be in line with the spirit of my adventure, I will give serious consideration to all submissions.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bit of a let down

Rather sporadically, I had decided to visit my school campus since I wasn't working over the weekend because I knew there was Humans vs Zombies going on this week + the Zombie pub crawl in the evening.

I arrived on campus to enjoy the fun to find the turn out for the mission was so low it did not get held. Really glad I payed for the 2 hr of parking to get there in time to figure out where this was going down. As a secondary turn ov events, the mission time was such that there was a considerable amount of time before the evening events, which I was only the least bit excited about because of the theme. Not getting a hold of any of my friends in the area, I decided to return home for the extra sleep I could really use.

Assistant coaching on the side of doing an internship is quite demanding, despite the fact that I still use time in the evenings to work on projects and watch movies/youtube videos. This lack of sleep thing couldn't be my fault though.

At least I get one more shot for the final mission tomorrow, as I am meeting my Mom for dinner, back in the cities, later that day. At least i will get plenty of sleep.

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